Your hair is awesome :D

My mission is to help you keep it.

I created Dr.OST with a simple goal in mind - to help everyone keep their hair. 

Dr.OST products are effective and easy to use.


Functional shampoo & conditioner to alleviate hair loss symptoms

Proud confidence begins from heathy scalp

Approved by the Korean Ministry of Food & Drug Safety as an effective functional product for relieving hair-loss

Singapore HSA Approved.

product Notification No : CCPN2319340, CCPN2319342



The Best hair loss Shampoo for women and men suffering hair loss problems or bad hair health. 

Don't just take our word for it, experience the Dr.OST difference for yourself and order today!

How it started

This company was founded to make a difference in the industry and is committed to serving our customers with honesty, authenticity, and inclusivity.

We’re starting to become a little ingredient-obsessed when it comes to the hair loss shampoo trend. 

For most products on the market, it’s not just the ingredients that produce results, 

but the technology of the formula infused into the product. 

 Have something with an ingredient that is beneficial to hair, even if it’s a drop or two? 

Send it our way, as we are all about trying something new.



CEO, JHL Investment, Inc. 

Representative Doctor, OST Dermatology Obesity Hairloss Medical Clinic 

Bachelor of law Bachelor of Business Administration  

Dermatology Adjunct professor, Konkuk University Hospital (2017-2022) 

Certified Specialized doctor in Obesity  

Certified Fund Manager 

US Enrolled Agent (2019~)

* Doctoral dissertation

About Us

We've been trying for a long time to make sure you enjoy the shampoo you need.

Based on 20 years of experience in scalp and hair loss treatment, 

2 years of intensive research and development.

Dr. OST, a brand specializing in scalp and hair, has been born. 

It is based on dermatological expertise and research results.

For your precious SCALP 

For your precious HAIR 

Start and Finish your everyday with Dr. OST shampoo and conditioner.

Our Mission

Your satisfaction is our priority.

At Dr.OST, we firmly believe that your hair is an extension of your power,

because when your hair feels good, you feel good.

Our hair-care solutions nurture and balance your hair with long-lasting results so that every day is a good hair day. Because we believe there is nothing more powerful than a confident hair.

And that’s why we have a higher standard for how we treat it.


Anti Hair Loss 


Scalp Care 


Dr.OST Shampoo

A functional shampoo for hair loss. 

It conditions sensitive scalps to help maintain the health of both the scalp and the hair shaft.

The combination of probiotics* and vitamin capsules helps reduce hair loss by slowing scalp aging and making the scalp healthy.

* Probiotics are extracts through processes such as fermentation and dissolution.

Dr.OST Conditioner

Functional conditioner for hair loss. 

 It provides much-needed moisture to make brittle hair soft and easy to manage. 

It intensively supplies nutrients to the cracked hair to make it strong.


ㆍ Improves & strengthens your hair

ㆍ Improve reactions (i.e., itching) caused by scalp trouble.

ㆍ Helps with Hair loss in women and men

ㆍ Improves the moisture balance

ㆍ Best shampoo for thinning hair

ㆍScalp scaling to remove dead skin cells and dandruff  

ㆍ Promotes a healthier scalp

Who it's for

Invigorating & refreshing sensation.❄️

Deeply cleanses the scalp and alleviates itchiness and greasiness.

Post shampoo, the scalp feels menthol fresh while hair is noticeably clean and soft.

Scalp feels tingly clean!

Time for scalp relief

A daily shampoo perfect for those with itchy, oily, or smelly hair.

Healthy range 4.0-6.0

Low pH level so it doesn’t irritate scalp. 

Improve Hair loss Symptom : Functional 3 kinds of  Ingredients

Key Ingeredients

What is the scent?

The Dr.OST fragrance os often described as smelling "Fresh" and  "Forest".

If you happen to be a fragrance connoisser, here are some additional details.

top note - mandarin, orange

middle note - lavender, rosemary

base note - cedarwood

What else you need to know

Human hair and scalp have a pH between 4.5 and 5.5. 

This natural hair acidity prevents microbial growth in the hair and scalp and keeps the cuticle healthy and resilient.

How to Use

1. After wetting your hair, lather an appropriate amount in your hands. 

2. Massage shampoo evenly into the scalp and hair. 

3. Then, rinse thoroughly.

4. Follow with Dr.OST conditioner for your heathiest hair and scalp yet.


All Ingredients

EWG Skin Deep 


All Ingredients

Also you can check the EWG info.

EWG Skin deep


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